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Bathroom Renovation Budget Considertations

Bathroom Renovation Cost Considerations

The number one question to have answered when thinking about completing a bathroom renovation is: What are my cost considerations?

Average Costs:

The average cost to complete a bathroom renovation is approximately between $12,000 and $16,000.  The key word here is “average” and the cost will vary depending on what is involved. Living in a 100-year-old house that requires complex plumbing renovation, stack replacement, and water supply line work will add cost.

Basic Bathroom Considerations:

In contrast to the 100-year-old house scenario is what I call the “basic bathroom renovation.” Your typical home is 30-50 years old with drywall behind the tiled surround. The bathroom needs to be gutted, which means your previously tiled surround wall will be removed to the studs.  Any rotten lumber including studs and sub flooring will be repaired. 

Now is the time to choose your shower trim wisely, including the faucet and valve. Keep in mind, your shower valve is behind the tiled wall, so if you need to replace faucets in the future you will want to stick with the same brand.

This basic bathroom renovation will likely lead to new bathroom flooring, toilet, and vanity. Renovation costs for this project will be under $20,000.00 to include a nice soaker tub and shower door with beautiful trim.

If your renovation is higher-end and includes upgrades such as heated flooring, glass enclosures, and thermostatic controls, your cost considerations increase.

Other Factors – bathroom renovation cost considerations:

  • Tub or Shower
  • Acrylic or Tile Base
  • Tile / Grout / Edge Profile / Tile Pattern
  • Fixtures / Wet Suitable Lighting / Exhaust Fan Replacement / Heated Flooring / Thermostatic Controls/ Niche/ Accessories such as seats and shelves
  • Vanities, Toilets and Shower Doors
  • If using a contractor, try to keep in mind that the majority of costs are associated with labour and material. Contractors typically have the right team and utilize qualified trades to complete the work.
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